Here is what people are saying…

“I had never heard of RTT but after meeting with Elli I decided to try it as I had been struggling with some negative patterns for a very long time. Elli made me feel so comfortable and at ease throughout the entire session. She guided me through the RTT process and was able to find the exact causes of my issues and uproot them. Since my session and after listening to the recordings regularly and with her guidance, I have noticed incredible changes in the way I think and act. I am much more confident to speak in front of large groups of people and to voice my own opinions and thoughts. I now believe that I can truly achieve anything I want in life and I am so positive and excited about my future. You can tell straight away that Elli is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives and that she genuinely wants people to live life in their greatest version. I can’t thank Elli enough for this life changing experience. I strongly recommend you work with Elli for any issues you want to do away with permanently, efficiently and rapidly.”

–  Jana Labiris

“Elli has such a gift for this work. For one, her simple presence is SO conducive to trusting the process and her quick intuition is pure and accurate. My state of mind since our session is that I’ve been feeling truly wonderful. The limitations around personal success and the lack of empowerment and worthiness around money  that I’ve been struggling with for years are not there any more. They no longer control me. Instead, I feel positively energized and aligned and really comfortable in what I’m doing and where I’m going. I’ve been feeling much less lost than in recent years. My current state is best described as a feeling of being more ‘at home’ in my own life. And of having a great deal of energy for focused growth and even patience and peace during my day with the kids. I am not feeling so attached to control and I have an increased capacity to enjoy and immerse myself in the blessings that really are mine. I strongly recommend you work with Elli if you are ready to embrace and uncover your deepest potential. She brings profound, lasting and also rapid results from a place of true insight, healing and nurture. Thank you Elli for guiding me through it!”

– Jessica Gourley

Elli has shown me the power I have to heal myself and unlock my full potential. From my first session I resolved some deep conditioning which was restricting my self-expression and adding unnecessary negativity to my life. Since then, I’ve been more confidently and joyfully expressing myself, which includes facing uncomfortable situations with strength and compassion. In my second session Elli helped me to stop snoring and my breathing is now clear, free and easy.
Elli is a brilliant therapist. She combines a strong compassion with a deep intuition, an impressive intelligence with a breadth of experience, and a passion for healing with a wisdom beyond her years.
In a very short time, I have already experienced amazing benefits from RTT with Elli and I’m excited for more! If you want to make a significant change in your life, I highly recommend seeing Elli, she’s a treasure.”

– David Perl